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2016 Spring Practice Schedule
  Ranger practices will be held on the grass fields at either...
2016 Spring Boys Lacrosse League
  Registration for the 2016 Spring Boy’s Lacrosse...
We have a need for volunteer coaches. Coaches can be parents,...
2016 Spring Practice Schedule

Ranger practices will be held on the grass fields at either Lewis Palmer High School (LPHS), Bear Creek Elementary School, or Fox Run Park, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
Teams - Dates, Locations & Times
  U7 - Tuesday at LPHS 4:30 / Wednesdays at LPHS at 4:30
  U9 - Tuesday at LPHS 5:45 / Wednesdays at LPHS at 5:45
U10 - Tuesday at Bear Creek 4:30 / Thursday at Bear Creek 4:30
U11 – Monday at Bear Creek 4:30 / Thursday at LPHS 5:30
U12 A/B -  Monday at Bear Creek 6:00 / Wednesday at Bear Creek 6:00 / Friday at Bear Creek Soccer Field(field to the south)
U13 - Tuesday at Bear Creek at 6:00/Thursday at Bear Creek 6:00 / Friday at Fox Run 6:00
U15 – Monday at Bear Creek 4:30 / Wednesdays at Bear Creek 4:30 / Friday at Fox Run 4:30 

posted 04/08/2016
2016 Spring Boys Lacrosse League

Registration for the 2016 Spring Boy’s Lacrosse season is now open. Lacrosse is THE sport to play in the spring and it is never too late to start playing the fastest game on two feet.  Ranger Lacrosse provides elementary and middle school boys with the structure and coaching to teach the fundamental skills required to play lacrosse, as well as to promote the spirit and sportsmanship of the game. Teams will be organized based upon skill, experience and age groups from novice to advanced. 
The Spring Season
Ranger Lacrosse participates in the Colorado Youth Lacrosse Association (CYLA) which conducts games Saturdays and some Sundays starting April 2nd through May 22nd.  The season consists of 12 to 14 games and begins with the "El Pomar Kick-Off Classic" on March TBD in Colorado Springs and finishes with a state-wide championship tournament the weekend of May 22nd.  We encourage everyone to sign up as soon as possible making our planning for the season easier.
New for 2016
CYLA has adopted a Reduced Squad/Reduced Field Boys’ Lacrosse for 7v7 at U7/U8/U9 level. Reduced squad/reduced field lacrosse is appropriate, especially for new or younger players.  For players, reduced squad lacrosse can be more fun and contribute more to their development than standard 10v10 play because each player is more involved… has more “touches.” Also, lacrosse on a reduced size field is more proportionate to younger players’ size, speed, and endurance. Further, the pace of play in reduced squad/reduced field lacrosse is often faster, enhancing fitness and fun.



Age-Based Playing Divisions  

Born Between                       Playing Level             Likely Grade (2016 school year) 

6/1/2001 – 5/31/2000             U15                      8th  

6/1/2002 – 5/31/2001                 U13                      7th

6/1/2003 – 5/31/2004                 U12                      6th

6/1/2004 – 5/31/2005                 U11                      5th

6/1/2005 – 5/31/2006                 U10                      4th

6/1/2006 – 5/31/2007                 U9                        3rd 

6/1/2007 - 5/31/2008**             U8                        2nd and Under

* Any player born before 6/1/2001 and is in 8th grade can play in the U-15 division; however no 9th grader can play on a U-15 team.
** Any player who was born after 5/31/2008 can play in the U8 division with a parental release and coach evaluation. Ranger encourages younger players to play if they are physically and mentally ready to play.  Younger brothers are especially welcome.   

Registration Cost  $200 

Game Locations 
Home Games:  Monument YMCA, Lewis Palmer and Palmer Ridge High School
Away Games:  Greater Denver Area

Practices Times and Locations
Practices begin in March. Practices will be 3 days a week plus.  Practices are 1.5 hrs long and will start at 4:30 or 6:00 pm (times being modified prior to daylight savings time).  Practices will be held in the Monument area.

We are replacing the uniforms this year.  The CYLA League is now requiring all teams to have home and away jerseys or reversible jerseys.  You can select your jersey & short sizes when you register. If you select a jersey number and/or need to verify sizing you will need to attend one of the uniform fitting session (in January @ Tama Lacrosse). The uniform package will consists of shorts, shooter shirt, reversible jersey and socks.  We also require players to have a practice pinnie.  Player already having a practice pinnie will not need a new one.  Uniform Fee:  $80    Practice Pinnie: $20  



Players must provide their own equipment. Required equipment includes: a lacrosse stick (crosse) - either 42" or 72", shoulder pads, arm/elbow pads, mouth-guard, helmet and gloves. Goalie require additional equipment.  As a means to introduce the game of lacrosse to new players Ranger Lacrosse offers a rental program for required equipment (except the lacrosse stick & mouth-guard) .


To register click on "Register Now" button and select "2015 Spring Boys Lacrosse League".  A waiver must be signed when you register. 

Note: You must have a valid US Lacrosse membership number to register (valid through June 15th, 2016).  The annual dues for US Lax membership is $25.  To receive a new membership or renew your membership go to US Lacrosse and click the "Join/Renew Now" button. 

There is a lot of information here so if you have any questions please feel free to call.  

Lets play some lacrosse!

posted 01/04/2016

We have a need for volunteer coaches. Coaches can be parents, older brothers or sisters, college students, grandparents and you don't have to be a brilliant lacrosse player to coach. We are looking for anyone who enjoys working with boys 2nd through 8th grade. If you have no experience and yet want to coach you will be paired with one of our experienced coaches.

If you are interested in coaching or co-coaching a team please contact us at:


posted 12/03/2012
Play Lacrosse
The Ranger Lacrosse Club

The Ranger Lacrosse Club is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization providing the youth of the TriLakes and Northern El Paso County area with the opportunity to learn and participate in the fast growing sport of Lacrosse.

Youth teams are open to boys 2nd-8th grade year round and to High School teams during the fall, winter & summer.  The club is composed of only volunteers dedicated to promoting the sport of lacrosse and to developing a player's skill, sportsmanship, teamwork and accountability in a healthy and fun environment. 

Home fields are located at Palmer Ridge High School & Lewis Palmer High Schools in Monument.   Spring season runs from February through May, Fall season from August until November and Winter (indoor) season from October through December. 

Phone: 719-488-2600 Email:

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